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Jalal JIHAZI Morocco English Radio Senior Journalist
Meet the Host

Jalal JIHAZI, an exceptional business journalist, has dedicated his life to unraveling the intricate world of business and entrepreneurship. Through his incisive analysis, captivating storytelling, and unwavering pursuit of the facts, Jalal has successfully carved a niche for himself as a highly influential international figure in the field.

Breakthrough in Business Journalism: After several years in entrepreneurship, Jalal embarked on his career in journalism, covering various beats and gaining valuable experience. With a strong work ethic, relentless pursuit of stories, and a unique ability to simplify complex financial and business concepts, Jalal quickly gained recognition for his insightful analysis and engaging writing style.

Advocacy for Business Literacy: Beyond their journalistic endeavors, Jalal is deeply committed to promoting Business literacy among the public. He firmly believes that access to accurate information and understanding of business concepts empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their future. Jalal actively participates in public speaking engagements and contributes to educational initiatives to bridge the gap between complex Business systems and the average citizen.

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